Painting and Decorating Supplies in Llantrisant

Decorating Supplies

Bridgend Decorating Centre is proud to trade with three of the country's largest suppliers of decorative sundries. As the premier supplier of these painting and decorating supplies in Llantrisant and beyond, we should be your first and only choice for quality decorating supplies and equipment.

L.G Harris

This company is known for its reliability and innovation, as well as an impeccable finish to any job, every time. It has been established since 1928 and is based in Bromsgrove and is highly regarded as being at the cutting edge of decoration and product design for more than 80 years. We stock L.G Harris products as we follow their passion for innovation and quality, what's more, is that all Harris products come with a lifetime guarantee.

RoDo Ltd

RoDo Ltd is a company that is based in East Manchester and has a huge range of products all under one roof in their 100,000 square foot warehouse. With around 100 suppliers that are the largest suppliers of decorating sundries in the UK. An excellent relationship with suppliers across the globe, as well as a positive approach to business, continues to enable the company to offer its customers a high standard of product for a competitive price. RoDo Ltd is dedicated to product development, as well as investing in existing products. This allows the company to continue to improve its stock and products whilst maintaining and improving its already excellent reputation.

Ciret Ltd

This company was established in 1961 as Home Key Ltd, now the company has developed in to a major importer and distributor of decorating accessories, workwear and personal protection equipment. The old company was acquired in 2005 and continues to bring quality products to its users. The company is now synonymous with the manufacturing of high quality paint rollers and other products including extension poles. Their products are sold in over 70 countries worldwide and the company is constantly striving for excellence in all aspects of the market.

To find out more or to enquire about any piece of decoration equipment, please don't hesitate to contact Bridgend Decorating Centre and we'll help in any way that we can.