House Paint in Bridgend



Bridgend Decorating Centre Ltd prides itself on providing excellent quality products at very competitive prices. We stock very well known leading brands such as Dulux Trade, Crown Trade and Sandtex Trade along with many other top brands including Macpherson Trade which are all of the highest possible quality. To discuss your requirement or to find a paint that suits your needs, please don't hesitate to contact us here at Bridgend Decorating Centre Ltd.

Dulux Trade

Now owned by AkzoNobel, Dulux Trade is the UK's leading manufacturers of high performance trade paint systems supporting decorators, contractors and merchants in doing a great job. Dulux Trade provide proven quality and performance in the home, office, workshop or wherever it is applied. They are experts in environmental sustainability, colour and innovation and set a benchmark for quality in the coatings industry.

Glidden Trade

The Glidden company was an American company based in Cleveland Ohio. Initially it was a varnish business which later diversified into the production of chemicals and foodstuffs. Today the brand name Glidden has been owned by AkzoNobel since 2009 and the brand is viewed as a more competitive alternative to Dulux Trade.

Crown Trade

Crown Paints, with headquarters in Darwen Lancashire, has roots extending back nearly two centuries. The company in modern times is one of the UK's largest and most successful suppliers and manufacturers of quality paint. Their portfolio is extensive and encompasses the professionalism that is to be expected of a DIY specialist such as Crown. Their paint is known for its quality and reliability.
Macpherson Paints has an extensive range that is used on some of the UK's most prestigious buildings, as well as in domestic properties throughout the country, which is a real indicator of its quality.


Also under the Crown Paints umbrella is Sadoin, one of the World's foremost names in wood protection. We stock some of the best in their vast range of wood protection products including Sadolin Ultra, Sadolin Extra and Sadolin Classic among our excellent selection. This means that whatever your requirements for wood protection; Bridgend Decorating Centre has you covered.

As well as Crown, we stock a range of other top brands including Sandtex and Macpherson as well as many more. Just give us a call to find out more or for advice on the best paint to suit your DIY job.