Wallpaper Suppliers in Bridgend

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Due to the recent trend in making a feature out of one wall with wallpaper, Bridgend Decorating Centre decided to 'dip its toe' into the stocking of high quality wallpaper and has quickly become one of the leading wallpaper suppliers in Bridgend. However, with so many manufacturers to choose from, how do you know which one to go for?

Easy Decision!!

Started in 1946 by two good friends, their company, Graham and Brown, helped begin a wallpaper revolution with nothing more than some surplus paper and an embossing machine. Due to huge demand from the public for products to help liven up the look and feel of their homes, the company quickly began producing wallpaper and became known as one of the top companies due to its quality and affordability. Throughout the decades the company has continued to evolve and to this day produces some of the finest wallpaper around and to suit all different tastes and budgets. The company are regarded as one of the premier suppliers throughout the World and are synonymous with quality products at great prices.

Graham and Brown wallpaper is available in over 50 countries so with the introduction of the third generation of their families, Graham and Brown continue to invest in new equipment and machinery which in turn is used to produce and innovate new styles and a higher quality of paper. International expansion has led to Graham and Brown wallpaper being available in countries such as the USA, Russia, France and Holland.

From a small factory to a global phenomenon, Graham and Brown is known for its quality and affordability, and we here at Bridgend Decorating Centre are proud to stock it.